"After years in industry, I came upon a crossroad. Contacting Debbie was the best thing I could have done. She is a great listener and methodical thinker. She helped me work through my options. With Debbie Brown's help I made, what has turned out to be, the right decision for me at this stage in my life. I highly recommend her." –Industry Executive

"Thanks so much Debbie, I am very grateful for your understanding, insight and caring at a time when it really mattered. I think back about the time I asked you to speak at our professional organization luncheon in Atlanta and have always thought that is one of the best decisions I ever made." –VP Corporate Banking

"After a career of lifetime achievements followed by disappointments, I reached a point where my options were diminishing because of age and self-doubt. Debbie Brown responded to my inquiry quickly. Her responsiveness and sense of urgency on my behalf served as validation of my frustration. I quickly sensed her interest in my situation. She gently, yet firmly, led me through testing and introspection and finally to a game plan for life. As a result, I developed a "back to the future" career plan. I already enjoy a success I had not known before." –Self-Employed CPA


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