March 2006

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The Time is Right, The Time is Now


The Time is Right, The Time is Now

Many times we wait for something to happen to us to change our lives. We wait for the new job, the day when we will finally lose those 10 lbs., when we might find the right mate, or buy the dream house. The day when we will not be fearful, will not doubt ourselves. But as the saying goes, there is no dress rehearsal for life. This is the perfect time to have the life and career you want. And the perfect time to make the changes you want to make. We can re create ourselves and our lives everyday. Each day is a new opportunity to practice being who we choose to be, and to act in ways that will bring us joy and happiness.

When you choose to make changes it is not because the time is right, but because you have chosen it to be the right time to make your life and career better. And no matter what your age, if your life or career is not working, it is important to know what is true for you, and then to act on it.

When we reflect back on the choices we have made, if we are lucky, we learn to accept “what is” and make the most of what is available to us Now.If you watched the recent Olympics or The Academy Awards, you were perhaps reminded of your limitations. At 45, it is too late to take up figure skating to win a Gold Medal at the Olympics. You will never stand on the Podium, the Gold Metal around your neck, proudly singing along to “The National Anthem,” through tears and smiles.

But you can still learn to skate!

And most of us will never walk the red carpet, and later, “Thank the Academy….” as we clutch “Oscar.”

But we can still take acting classes, or watch movies! We can sing in community choirs, or take dance lessons.

It is these activities which allow us to use parts of ourselves we cannot use in our job, and return to our chosen work refreshed on Monday morning.

What do you want to accomplish with your career and your life in 2006?

Are there big pieces of you – talents, skills or interests that are locked up inside you, yearning to be expressed?

If you want a job where you can write, take a class and improve your writing skills. You can submit your work to your industry publications. If you want to improve your presentation skills, join Toastmasters. If you want to develop better management skills, take a Management Development Seminar, or start working with an Executive Coach. If you are unclear about your strengths and weaknesses, or unsure about what you want, it is helpful to go through an assessment process, taking tests and completing exercises, and working with a coach. Knowing yourself is the first step. Then you can make healthy choices and set appropriate goals.

Sometimes my clients complain that they do not want to start at the “bottom” with a new company or in a new industry. They want to begin their new career or job as an “expert.” Impossible, or course. It is this desire to be “perfect” that keeps them from taking the leap of faith. You are infused with enthusiasm and energy when beginning a career or job that excites you and uses the best of you, where your talents are nurtured and your contributions are appreciated. When that happens, you experience success and happiness.

What is stopping you from grabbing your chance for happiness and success? Is it a sense that things have to be perfect, or the timing has to be right? Most of us, at 80 years old, do not want to look back at our lives and wonder why we did not leave that job that “sucks the life out of us” when we had the chance.

If you can conceive of yourself as courageous and strong, you can make the changes that inspire you, instead of opting for the status quo. Whatever it is you want to do or be, you can start Right Now.