Expert Witness Vocational Evaluation Services

For the past 20+ years D&B Consulting, Inc. has served divorce attorneys and their clients with vocational evaluation, career coaching and expert witness services.

Since the changes in divorce law in Georgia several years ago, there is increased emphasis on earning potential for both spouses. Expert vocational evaluation services can provide attorneys and their clients with the information needed to prepare for mediation, settlement or trial. Debbie Brown, SPHR, MBA, MSW can prepare reports, provide depositions and testify in court. She works on both the defendant and plaintiff sides.

If one party of the divorcing couple is unemployed or underemployed, Debbie Brown can work with the working spouse to assist their attorney in determining an imputed income for the near term future. She conducts a vocational assessment of the individual by gathering information about the person’s employment and compensation history, conducting market research, and creating a report that discusses potential jobs and compensation that fit the individual’s qualifications.

For those spouses who are re-entering the workforce, Debbie Brown, interviews the client to determine vocational background, achievement and compensation history, transferable skills and motivational factors.  Debbie administers and interprets career assessments to provide objective measurement of personality factors, and vocational interests. She is a Master Practitioner of the MBTI Personality Assessment, the most widely used personality assessment in the world. With the information acquired from assessments and interviews, she can determine viable vocational options. She then conducts labor market research to determine potential compensation, the costs of retraining and any other methods necessary to make a transition to full-time employment.  She also provides assistance with the career planning and the job search.

Divorce is a traumatic time for all involved, and for those individuals who need to transition into the workforce after an extended absence, it can be especially stressful. Debbie Brown can provide career services to help with that process.

Please contact Debbie Brown if you would like to receive more detailed information, including fees and retainer agreements. Services can be customized based on your needs and the needs of your client.