Executive Coaching & Career Transitions

“I had completed corporate leadership development programs, led teams and delivered results. Yet I couldn’t seem to break into executive leadership. Debbie took an interest in me, helped me isolate my strengths and challenges, encouraged me, corrected me, and coached me through difficult interactions. Within 6 months, I found myself named as the Interim CIO during M&A activities. It was just the breakthrough that I needed. I’m convinced that it would not have happened if I hadn’t worked with Debbie.”
Carol F. McKesson, Interim CIO

“After years in industry, I came upon a crossroad. Contacting Debbie was the best thing I could have done. She is a great listener and methodical thinker. She helped me work through my options. With Debbie Brown’s help I made, what has turned out to be, the right decision for me at this stage in my life. I highly recommend her.”
Industry Executive

“Thanks so much Debbie, I am very grateful for your understanding, insight and caring at a time when it really mattered. I think back about the time I asked you to speak at our professional organization luncheon in Atlanta and have always thought that is one of the best decisions I ever made.”
VP Corporate Banking

“After a career of lifetime achievements followed by disappointments, I reached a point where my options were diminishing because of age and self-doubt. Debbie Brown responded to my inquiry quickly. Her responsiveness and sense of urgency on my behalf served as validation of my frustration. I quickly sensed her interest in my situation. She gently, yet firmly, led me through testing and introspection and finally to a game plan for life. As a result, I developed a “back to the future” career plan. I already enjoy a success I had not known before.”
Self-Employed CPA

” I wanted to thank you for all your help, You have made such a difference in my life. When I came to see you I knew I hated being a software engineer. I started considering the career of Occupation Therapy. You really turned my life around, for which I am truly grateful. Thanks again, Debbie.”
Occupational Therapist

” The loss of my job was devastating! Despite the company’s offer of out-placement counseling, I was skeptical. Debbie Brown was a decisive force in rebuilding my self-confidence and self-worth. She enabled me to once again focus on the real issues and not dwell on the anger and hurt. Her professional analysis of my personality and skill set made me aware of a number of factors. Despite my expertise and years of experience, I actually disliked what I was doing. She further made me aware of other career possibilities suited to my interests; some of which would not have an adverse effect on my income or lifestyle. I found new confidence in myself and had a sense of renewal and focus. I embarked upon a new career.
Debbie helped me remain steadfast in my resolve and to keep me on course. For this, I owe her my greatest thanks. I can only say that I found my niche and could not be happier. For the first time in my life I can say that work is fun!”
Independent Computer Consultant

” The testing and questions Debbie provided helped me focus on what I wanted to do. She is an excellent listener and motivated me to go out and go after what I wanted. This resulted in a great job offer.”
Real Estate Executive

Myers Briggs Leadership and Teambuilding Workshops

“Excellent presentation on a very useful topic for leaders and managers. The subject was covered in a logical and informative manner that will add to my skills.”
Executive at Myers Briggs Leadership Workshop

“Great job!  Thanks so much.”
Manager at Myers Briggs  Team Building Workshop

“Tremendous material, well-presented, well-organized. The learning exercises were very valuable.”
Executive at Myers Briggs Leadership Workshop