“Dig a well before you are thirsty.”

Chinese Proverb

Did you know that:

  • A referral generates 80% more results than a cold call
  • 85% of people get their jobs through networking
  • Most people have at least 250 contacts
  • Anyone you might want to meet or contact is only 4 or 5 people removed from you

    Networking is not:

  • Putting friends, neighbors and associates on the spot
  • Using people strictly for your own gain
  • Coercing or manipulating someone into doing what you want

    Get Rid of the Lone Ranger Mentality

“If I want it done right, I’ll do it myself.”

“What goes around comes around”
“You reap what you sow”

Facing Your Fears

“I can’t handle rejection.”
“If they support me, what will they expect in return?”
“I don’t want to look weak.”
“I’m not comfortable being pushy or aggressive.”

Make lists of your friends, relatives and acquaintances.


People I went to school with
People I have worked with in the past
People who attend my place of worship
Former teachers, employers
People I socialize with
People who provide services to me
Friends of relatives
Members of professional and social organizations

Other Job Lead Sources

Only 25% of all job openings are made public
A survey of employers in two major US cities found that 75-80% of employers do not hire employees through job ads.

Professional Journals and Newsletters

Employment Agencies

Government Employment
Web Sites

How to Contact Employers

  • Personal Referral
  • Telephone Contact
  • Informational Interview
  • Human Resources
  • Mailing Resume
  • Web Site Postings
  • E-mail/Fax

Prepare 15 Second Introduction