Executive Coaching

One of today’s greatest organizational challenges is building the capabilities of current and future leaders. We work with managers, executives, and leaders to make sure they are effective in current and future roles.

We begin every executive coaching relationship with a thorough interview to gain insights about their background, including education and work history. We then administer a variety of Personality and Leadership Assessments to identify strengths, interests and work styles. For executives and managers, we offer customized performance related  360 Degree Feedback on a variety of executive competencies.  Debbie Brown is  also a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and offers individual and 360 assessments to measure social and emotional intelligence,  the “soft” skills that are so important for career success and executive performance. Based on  feedback from the various assessments and client conversations, we develop, with the client, a customized executive development plan. Our one-on-one conversations take place via face to face, video conference or telephone meetings.

Three, six and twelve month programs are available.

Executive coaching can help to develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully navigate careers in today’s competitive environment. For entrepreneurs, the coach can help them start or grow their business. The coaching relationship provides the executive or entrepreneur a place to go for objective business advice and management consulting.

Who Do We Coach?
Our ideal client is willing to be transparent, eager to receive constructive, targeted feedback, and motivated to change the status quo. Typical clients include Executives and Managers, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Executive Coaching: 

  • Identify strengths and competencies
  • Develop more effective leadership and management skills
  • Gain focus and direction
  • Learn to hire and develop an effective team
  • Develop a strategic career plan
  • Improve time and task management
  • Learn to focus on results
  • Improve written and oral communication skills
  • Achieve peak performance without sacrificing balance and a healthy lifestyle
  • Establish credibility by developing a polished professional persona
  • Learn to deal effectively with organizational change
  • Improve social and emotional intelligence

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“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom." Anais Nin